From Screen to Seen

Combat isolation and become a member of action nation.

Start and sustain connection conversations in 24 hours so you can find and meet new contacts, and take the first step toward getting back in the game.


What if you never had to feel alone at home again, by taking the proper action for just ONE DAY?


From Screen to Seen” eliminates all your suffering. You’ll learn how to overcome fear, money problems, time starvation, tech aversion, and bad habits, so you can enjoy the freedom to share your expertise again with an audience of customers, friends and collaborative business partners, all who will welcome you, in the next 24 hours.

Does this sound like you?

You work from home.

You miss seeing real people.

You look at a screen all day and all night. (think TV, laptop, tablet, phone)

You don’t see the end of this lifestyle coming anytime soon.

You feel alone. (not the good alone)

What if you could enjoy working from home again?

See real people again?

Actually be heard and seen by others?

Make the mindset changes that will help you feel better about today?

Experience true connection that lasts?

Because we lived the struggles you’re feeling right now, we created “From Screen to Seen” to help you overcome isolation and get connected again.

If you want to meet new people in the next day, here’s how to do it:

Feel better again.

Control your moments, and connect with others!

This program will help crush isolation in 24 hours by showing you how to:

  • Overcome your fears of talking to new people.

  • Master your money mindset.

  • Create more than enough time each day.

  • Tame your tech woes.

  • Be seen as the change agent in your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Crush those feelings of isolation

Right now you're struggling with being shut-in. You're captive in your own home. Isolation doesn't even describe how you feel inside. Everything is up to you. And you don't know where to turn for help. 

You. Are. Alone. 

But it’s not even the alone like when there’s nobody there. It’s deeper than that. 

It’s the kind of alone that is so loud you’re ears ring.

The alone that’s so quiet, you can’t even hear it. 

But it’s there. It’s always there.

You feel empty even with lots of people around you.

You feel like hiding, but even when you hide, it follows you.

And you really know what you have to do, but you just can’t shift it.

Imagine having the confidence of a Lioness, the thought process of a Guru, the time freedom of an Egyptian Queen, the processing skills of an Engineer, and the acceptance of a Visionary. 

If you could have the ability to TAKE ACTION, whenever you want, and have authentic connection with new, enthusiastic people every day, would you like that?

What if you could learn all the things necessary to MOVE FORWARD and create a network of new customers, friends and partners, would this help you? 

Let’s make these possibilities become a reality for YOU.

And quickly with “From Screen to Seen.”

Have authentic and energizing connections!

Combat isolation and loneliness and end the struggle with being shut-in.

We struggled with isolation challenges too.

We created this for you because we struggled with the EXACT SAME challenges as you do. We could not find a solution to our own isolation, distraction and disconnection. With our diverse experiences, we just knew we could help others with the same tools we’re giving you. The reason we want to help you and others is so you can have the same results we had. The goal of this incredibly powerful program is to help you work from home (or anywhere you are) without feeling isolated and disconnected, by developing “action-taking habits” you can use forever! 

Our reason for being is to help YOU smash isolation. Our life’s mission is creative connection, and we need you to use this in your own life today.

What you will learn

Years of experiences, lessons and trainings designed into a program for you in 7 modules

  • 01

    This is where we begin

    • How does a shift happen?

  • 02

    Handling Fear

    • "But I can't do that!"

    • Breath Break

    • Golden Systems Meditation - from Alison Jolicoeur (8:00min)

    • Nice Breaker - Go from boring to soaring with your communications!

    • Nice Breaker - Template

  • 03

    Talking About Money

    • But I have bills to pay!

    • It Takes Two

  • 05

    Tech Control not Tech Addiction

    • The Tech + Analog Way

  • 06

    Why do I have to change what "works?"

    • Out of Sight: Blindfolded conversation

  • 07


    • More resources!

    • From Screen to Seen - Worksheet

    • Download A Free Audiobook Excerpt!

    • Currency of Connection - Free First Chapter

From Screen to Seen Toolsets

Tools and systems to help you crush isolation

Breath Break - a series of breathing techniques to reduce tension, panic and anxiety
“Meditation Station” - Golden Systems Guided Meditation
“Out of Sight” - Getting More From Your Conversations - 
“Phone-A-Friend” - Go Old School with your Communications 
“Time-For-Action” - Block Scheduling Calendar Exercises
“Nice Breaker” - Warm Conversation Starter Script
“It Takes Two” - Contact Multiplier Instrument
“Techless Checklist” - Non-Techy Ways To Reach Out and Touch Someone
Original Price:

This is what you’re getting.

BUT, we’re not selling it to you today for that amount, today you can pay just $97.00 $37.00 for “From Screen to Seen.” 

Meet Rick & Carol

Instructor Bio:

“The Consummate Dreamer” Getting directions can be daunting. But your life depends on knowing where you are and where you're going. Education happens when we hear AND see others. As a graduate of Iona College, with a B.A. in Political Science, Rick is a Visionary Thinker and Connection-Oriented Communicator.

Rick Gabrielly

Lead Instructor

Meet Rick & Carol

Instructor Bio:

“The Process Queen” You want results. You deserve transformation. You need both to feel value. As a graduate of SUNY Geneseo, Carol has a B.S. in Management Science & Accounting, and enjoys creating systems for business and personal success. Like Yours.

Carol Gabrielly

Meet Ian & Augee

Instructor Bio:

"The DaVinci Coder" Stories Fuel Our Inner Programming. DNA and Cellular Codes mimic the language of our machines. Take a visual ride through the re-invention of Your Own Self as a Student of this gifted visionary. Ian Limbaga combines physically illustrative alchemy with practical learning systems to produce gold in YOU. With a B.S. in Marine Sciences from the University of the Philippines, as well as New York Film Academy studies, Ian's creativity shines.

Ian Limbaga

Lead Instructor

Meet Ian & Augee

Instructor Bio:

"The Explorer" Depth is so important in our teachers as well as our spirits. Your educational journey depends on the experiences along the way. Travel with Augee Limbaga can be scary and exciting at the same time. As a Broadcast Communications Major with a BA from the University of the Philippines, Augee will take you to new heights. Then she'll make you JUMP.

Augee Limbaga

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